1. Money is psychology.
    2. Money is politics.
    1. D1. Leaf from the First Numismatic Book
    2. D2. 828 Woodcut Medallions
    3. D3. Coins of the Emperors
    4. D4. Beware of False Coins!
    5. D5. Death by Fire for Forgers
    6. D6. Counterfeiting in the Roman Empire
    7. D7. International Coin Conversion Table
    8. D8. Nassau’s Gold Lectures
    9. D9. Nassau on Gold Rushes
    10. D10. Complete Series of European Medals
    11. D11. American Numismatics Including Indigenous Currencies
    12. D12. Silver to the Rescue
    13. D13. Marching for Sound Currency in 1896
    14. D14. Silver Standard in Southeast Asia
    15. D15. Platinum: Unloved & Forlorn
    16. D16. Gold Smelting Equipment
    17. D16. (Continued)
    18. D17. Anti-Gold & Anti-Silver in Argentina & Uruguay
    19. D18. Forbidding the Hoarding of Gold
    20. D19. Forbidding the Hoarding of Gold — Large Format
    21. D20. The Most Successful Gold Mine in British Columbia
    22. D20. (Continued)
    23. D21. Against Irving Fisher’s “Rubber Dollar”
    24. D22. Socialist’s Analysis of Specie in California
    25. D23. Fed’s Analysis of Monetary Policy Pre-1914
    26. D23. (Continued)
    27. D24. Marxists on the Orgy of Gold
    28. D25. 1,700+ Pages of Legal Monetary History
    1. D26. Abolition of Interest Rates
    2. D27. More Abolition of Interest Rates
    3. D28. Henry George & the Single Tax Movement
    4. D28. (Continued)
    5. D29. Single Tax Bibliography
    6. D30. Inventor of Negative Interest Rates
    7. D30. (Continued)
    8. D31. Inscribed Oppenheimer
    9. D32. Inflation after WWII
    10. D33. Price Controls When Inflation Comes
    11. D34. Anthropologist’s Economic Treatise
    12. D35. Utopian Leader Solves Inflation
    13. D36. Cult Leader Solves Inflation with Sex
    14. D37. Samoan Communal Economics
    15. D38. Communists Foreshadow Nixon Shock
    16. D39. Vietnam War Caused Inflation
    17. D40. Militarism Caused Inflation
    18. D41. Inflation as Capital Punishment Awareness
    19. D42. No Inflation. No Debt. Only Love.
    1. D43. Capital and Interest
    2. D44. Theory of Imputation
    3. D45. Refutation of Socialism
    4. D46. A Free Society
    5. D47. Against German Nationalism
    6. D48. Somary the Book Collector
    7. D49. Somary’s Copy of his First Book
    8. D50. Somary’s Working Copy
    9. D50. (Continued)
    10. D51. Inscribed by von Hofmannsthal to Somary
    11. D52. With Scarce Dustjacket
    12. D53. Inscribed Somary
    13. D54. Somary's Art Collection
    14. D55. Felix Somary's Son
    15. D56. The Raven of Zürich
    16. D57. Original Cover Artwork: New Intellectual
    17. D58. Original Cover Artwork: Capitalism
    18. D59. Run Away from Your Problems
    19. D60. Inscribed Casey
    1. D61. Early American Trade
    2. D62. Creation of National Debt
    3. D61. (Continued)
    4. D63. Direct Taxation and Free Trade
    5. D64. Rubber Check 1856
    6. D65. Paper Money is a Disease
    7. D66. Iron Ships for Trade
    8. D67. Republican Party & Finances
    9. D68. Massachusetts Rep. Goes for Gold
    10. D69. Federal Surplus!
    11. D70. Civil War General on Coin’s School
    12. D71. Financial Newsletter 1896
    13. D72. The Sky is Falling
    14. D73. Original 1938 Inflation Cartoon
    15. D74. Fake Mormon Currency
    1. D75. Catholic Church Finances
    2. D76. Carl Menger’s Inspiration
    3. D77. Irremediable Mischief of Currency
    4. D78. Usury, the Meteor Gleam of Superstition
    5. D79. Learning from Ancient Civilizations
    6. D80. Internal Austro-Hungarian Embassy Document on Trade
    7. D81. German Wallpaper
    8. D82. Keynes’ Friend on Monetary Systems
    9. D83. Inscribed by Galbraith
    10. D84. World’s Most Extreme Hyperinflation
    11. D85. Schumpeter’s Business Cycles
    12. D86. Leading Swedish Economist
    13. D87. Economic Marriage Problems
    14. D88. Leading Estonian Economist
    15. D89. Leading South African Economist
    16. D90. Inscribed by Posner
    17. D91. A Different Mrs. Robinson
    18. D92. Leading Australian Economist
    19. D93. Wild and Free Banking
    20. D94. New Classical Macroeconomics
    21. D95. Schwartz on the History of Money
    22. D96. My Favorite Neoclassical Economist
    23. Terms of Sale
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