East German Dues Paid in the West

Mitgliedsbuch. Freier Deutscher Gewerkschaftsbund.

Berlin: FDGB. Documents union membership 1966–1975. 115 by 80mm (4½ by 3¼ inches). Red cloth; 48 pp. Almost entirely filled with 296 stamps. Of those, 224 are mounted FDGB membership stamps (approximately one half of these are half sized” stamps, the remaining standard size) and 72 additional mounted standard sized solidarity stamps for Vietnam and Cuba. All stamps bear an ink stamp with date, or FDGB” or W”.

This was the union dues book of Anneliese W., a teacher in West Berlin. Together with a membership card in the West Berlin-Soviet friendship organization that is a tad smaller than the membership book. East German based Soviet friendship groups were banned in many West German states (outside of Berlin). Very minor scuffing to edge of covers; stamps in excellent condition; overall very good. 

The FDGB [Free German Trade Union Federation] represented all workers of East Germany, making it at the time the world’s largest worker’s union. Leaders of the union were also senior members of the ruling Socialist Unity Party. 

East German union books are not rare. This copy is unusual because it belonged to an individual who resided in West Berlin. Membership in the FDGB was technically open to westerners, but uncommon. 


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