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rare book catalogues

Twentieth Century in Photographs

Digital list of 33 photo albums documenting the history of the 20th Century. Items are grouped by decade and listed chronologically, starting with 1922 and ending in 1989.


A catalogue of 39 objects pertaining to the cultural and life experiences of individuals expelled or forced out of their home countries between 1923 and 1945 due to Hitler's rise to power.

Sixteenth Century

A catalogue of 32 books printed in the sixteenth century, including works by Georg Agricola, Pietro Bembo, and Plutarch. Come for the woodcuts; stay to brush up on your Latin.

Science Fiction

There was a narrow window of time when teenagers gathered around mimeograph machines in basements and garages to publish science fiction fanzines. This catalogue is the story of “American samizdat”, a history of science fiction, amateur self-publishing, and nerd culture.

Inflation & Economics

This list attempts to explore two questions: What is money? And, what happens when our unit of accounting, our measuring stick, starts to disintegrate? Join us on a wide-ranging jaunt through 500 years of inflation and economics. 


This catalogue delves into the underlying structure of German fascism, with a strong emphasis on its legal and bureaucratic institutions. Contents include banned books, psychiatry, legal history, and the diaries of Dr. Gerhard Scholtz, co-conspirator in the July 20, 1944 plot to kill Hitler.

East Germany

Explore items related to the former German Democratic Republic, including a photo album relating to the race track where Bruce Springsteen gave the largest concert in East German history and an unusual union dues book with extensive Cuba and Vietnam solidarity stamps.


A short list catalogue of 10 items related to the American Circus along with film and theater in Berlin, Germany.

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