Financial Newsletter 1896


New York: Office of the Monetary Trust, March 23, 1896. Fold to standard letter size 4 page financial newsletter. Good plus with multiple fold marks and paper starting to separate at one of the creases. Francis D. Carley (1839–1922) was a prominent Wall Street broker and financial newsletter author. This is his Financial Forecast” of March 23, 1866. Divided into several sections: Business Situation, Political Situation, Foreign Opinion, The Market. A new financial cycle has indeed been born… Already it is bringing the cheering forces of human nature to the front among all the haunts of men. It will prove greater than all previous cycles; will fill the civilized world with industrial achievement, and will finally develop the largest prosperity upon which the amazed heathen have ever gazed.” 4 years later, Carley was bankrupt. Francis D. Carley Fails for $1,000,000; Files a Voluntary Petition in Bankruptcy” screamed a New York Times headline from November 19, 1900. With the prognosticators of Wall Street, both yesterday and today, there is nothing new under the sun. A scarce survival of a very early American financial investment newsletter.


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