No Inflation. No Debt. Only Love.


Oxford: Friends, [1988]. Staplebound pamphlet; 44 pp. Produced in concert with the Swedish group Communidad, an anarcho-atheist communal organization. Several photos and illustrations throughout. Very good plus; paper toned. Boudewijn Wegeriff born in Holland in 1936, grew up in South Africa, and now a British citizen living in Sweden. A born-again Christian, wandering-preacher: He goes on extensive walking pilgrimages and gives talks on debt, money, inflation and how to solve all related problems with love. In 1990, he walked to Rome from Uppsala, Sweden; then from South Africa back to Sweden. Over 7 years he walked the world and gave thousands of talks on the theme of love’s victory over the debt cross of the world. This pamphlet is a collection of 19 articles on money by Boudewijn: The debts owned by big banks”; world debts and the Third World’ debt”; and one simply entitled I N F L A T I O N”. From page 8: But how will people live? What work will there be there for them? Love’s work ‑including songs of thanksgiving. Quite seriously! The production and distribution of goods and the organisation of social services will, in a non-monied environment, be in-community work, done for love, not money.” The writing gets odd. For example from the last page: We are brothers, sisters and mothers, even of Jesus, who acknowledged only one daddy, ABBA, and for whom we are activists.” One can’t help but feel a certain amount of overlap with Item D36 of this List (the wandering inflation preacher). Exceedingly scarce. Only 2 copies in OCLC (of which only one in the United States, at Michigan). For more on Boudwijn, a 1998 two part documentary on his travels entitled Long Walk Home” can be found on YouTube.


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