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We specialize in four broadly defined areas: Early Printing, Science Fiction, Economics, and German language material.

Early Printed Books

Early Printed Books & Manuscripts

Our early printed books and manuscripts were written prior to 1800, with a specific emphasis on books published in Latin America and continental Europe.
For a Better Tomorrow

Books for a Better Tomorrow

'Books for a Better Tomorrow' encompasses science fiction, the history of computing, artificial intelligence, robots, and space travel.

Money & Economics

The economics department covers economic theory, the history of business, trade, and numismatics.
German language material

Germany, Switzerland & Austria

Across all categories we seek out German language material. Many of our books are in German or relate to the cross-cultural interests of Germans and Americans. This material covers a broad spectrum including the former East Germany, the Cold War, protest movements, migration patterns, and the effects of German colonialism.

Additional Books

We regularly issue themed Fresh Sheets highlighting our New Arrivals.

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