Lovers Executed in the Czech Republic

Auszug aus den Untersuchungsakten der wegen des gemeinen, bestellten und Meuchelmordes zum Tode durch den Strang verutheilten Verbrecher, Johann Spetta und Maria Nowak [Excerpt from the investigative files regarding jointly planned assassinations. Johann Spetta and Maria Nowak, criminals sentenced to death by hanging].

Klattau: Kriminalgericht Klattau, August 21, 1841. Broadside folded into 4 pages. In German.

Very good plus.

Spetta and Nowak lived in the small village of Unterlhotta (current day Czech Republic), both were married to others, but decided that they were in love. Thus, they conspired that each of them would murder their spouses. That way they could be together.

Nowak sprinkled poison on her husband’s salad. But when that didn’t kill him, she poisoned his beer. That worked and her husband died. A few weeks later Spetta strangled his wife to death. He however was caught, and as a result the grand plan was made public. The court in Klattau sentenced them both to death by hanging and they were executed on August 21, 1841.

Extremely rare. We were only able to locate one other copy worldwide, in Austria at the Wien Bibliothek im Rathaus. No other copies for sale.


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