Health Care in Communist Hungary

EGÉSZSÉGÜGYI BERUHÁZÁSOK 1967. [Health Investment 1967]

Hungary: n.p., 1967. 290 by 405mm (11½ by 16 inches). Cord bound buckram photo album; [3] lvs. (text), [6] lvs. (photos), [2] lvs. (text), [5] lvs. (photos), [2] lvs. (text), [3] lvs. (photos), [2] lvs. (text), [1] lv. (photos), [2] lvs. (text), [3] lvs. (photos), [2] lvs. (text), [3] lvs. (photos). 44 original photographs (a mixture of color and silver gelatin). Photo leaves with tissue guards. Most photograph 4 ½ by 6 ½ inches, a few 5 by 7 inches. Text in Hungarian. Near Fine. Excellent condition all around; complete set of photographs. Some dirt on binding but nothing a gentle clean can’t fix.

Goulash Communism (gulyáskommunizmus), is a humorous term for socialism in Hungary following the Hungarian Revolution of 1956. János Kádár, the Hungarian Communist leader, and the Hungarian People’s Republic imposed policies with the goal to create high-quality living standards for the people of Hungary coupled with economic reforms. These reforms fostered a sense of well-being and relative cultural freedom in Hungary with the reputation of being the happiest barracks” of the Eastern Bloc during the 1960s to the 1970s.

This album proudly presents the massive investment in new Hungarian hospitals during the 1960’s. Six hospitals are featured. The pages of text describe the number of beds, the cost, and specialties serviced always followed by several leaves of original photographs. We start with the hospital exterior and then as the pages are turned we find photos of lonely hallways and new medical equipment.

The deluxe production suggests that this was perhaps a diplomatic or other official gift made to popularize health care advances in the late 60’s. A unique addition for either the study of nationalized health care around the world or Eastern European institutional architecture.


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