Stravinsky to Armitage

Stravinsky, Igor. [Autograph Letter]

California, May 17, 1959. 215 by 140mm (8½ by 5½ inches). Typed signed letter by Igor Stravinsky, addressed in ink to Dear Merle Armitage” on Stravinsky’s printed notepaper. The note is typed: Back from Japan I received your word of May 15. I certainly will be glad to have a copy of the Siohan’s book (I heard about it) and thank you for offering it to me. Flying the 20th to Copenhagen (for a few days) and will send you your copy with my signature as soon as I will receive it (hoping before my trip). All best, cordially yours. I. Stravinsky” (signed in ink). 


Merle Armitage (1893–1975) was an American set designer, tour manager, and author. Igor Stravinsky (1882–1971), of course, was one of the most important and influential composers of the 20th century. 

Armitage and Stravinsky were close friends. Armitage edited the first book on Stravinsky in 1936, and a second book in 1949, and they collaborated on many programs at the Hollywood Bowl over the years. The Siohan’s book” referred to is a biography of Stavinsky published in 1959, written by Robert Siohan.


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