Post-War Berlin Variety Show

Friedrichstadt Palast Weltstadtvariete

Showing almost a decade of theater and other performances, these scrapbooks were gifts to employees and show a precise history of the Friedrichstadt Palast, a theater in Berlin, after emerging from the shadows of World War II. The building itself was heavily bombed during the war and the photographs in these scrapbooks show the rebuilt interior.

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Format 6 volumes; 10″ x 7″ (25 x 18 cm). 

Dec. 1954: 28 pages containing 3 photographs, 1 program, 1 mimeograph of a typewritten copy of an article, and 7 pages of newspaper clippings.

Jan. 1955: 12 pages containing 1 photograph, 1 program, 1 poster (folded), and 6 pages of newspaper clippings.

Jan./Feb. 1956: 26 pages containing 3 photographs, 2 programs, and 8 pages of newspaper clippings.

Jan. 1958: 18 pages containing 2 photographs, 2 programs, and 8 pages of newspaper clippings.

Feb. 1960: 16 pages containing 4 photographs, 1 program, 1 poster (folded), and 4 pages of newspaper clippings.

Feb. 1963: 20 pages containing 2 photographs, 1 program, 1 poster (folded), and 7 pages of newspaper clippings.

Condition Near fine. Bindings in excellent condition. Some pages folded or bent but does not affect condition of photographs, programs, or newspaper cuttings. Some newspaper cuttings on low quality paper and thus aging as expected. Some newspaper cuttings and posters have been folded to fit the binding and worn at the folds.

Published Germany; between 1954 and 1963.


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