Outlandish Performance Art

Imhoff, Hans. Asozialistik 8: Organisationsfragen; Pyrrho.

Bizarre is a word used to describe artist Hans Imhoff (no relation to the chocolate kingpin of Germany with the same name). His contribution to society is that of journals of his own writings contra serious scholars. He created Asozialistik as a journal (only one holding found in WorldCat – none in the US or Canada). All-in-all, nine numbers are known to have been published (1969–1972), in irregular intervals. According to the DadA (Datenbank des deutschsprachigen Anarchismus), the print run of each issue ranged from just 10 to 200 copies. Pyrrho is more of a retrospective of his own poetical creations (two holdings found in WorldCat; neither in the US or Canada). 

Hans Imhoff combined elements of Actionism, Fluxus, and Situationism and created an outlandish style of performance art that became the focus of public attention during the turbulent late 1960s in Germany. Imhoff’s written publications as well as his improvised actions” incorporated the Marxist jargon of the leftist student movement and of the popular Critical Theory and turned them into a literary work that hovers on the edge of satire. He became notorious for interrupting readings by progressive writers and the lectures of Habermas and attempting to engage his interlocutors in his absurd discourse. 

In the 1970s, Imhoff took a job with a telecommunications company and in his spare time began to publish his collected works (over 34 volumes have appeared to date, including the contents of Asozialistik) through his own Euphorion” publishing house. 

If anything, these two items are dedication to the post-World War II way of thinking in the most unique way possible – a true encouragement to individuality.

Format Asozialistik 8: Red, white, and black illustrated offset litho cover. Stapled. 24 leaves; mimeographed and Xeroxed in red ink; 11.75″ x 8.25″ (29.5 x 11 cm).

Pyrrho: In original wrappers. 1 volume (approximately 150 leaves); 10″ x 8″ (25 x 20 cm)

Condition Asozialistik 8: Near fine.

Pyrrho: Very good condition. Front cover bent. Some foxing.

Published Asozialistik 8: Frankfurt, June 1972.

Pyrrho: Frankfurt: Euphorion Verlag, 1977.

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